HELP: Looking for Japanese plant oil

Mario Salamon Mario.Salamon at
Sun Dec 5 19:46:08 EST 1993

Hello out there,

I am looking for a chemical compound which was first described in a plant
in 1914. Because the substance is not commercially available anywhere, I
would like to get some essential oil from this plant, but I don't know
where from.

The name of the plant is        ELSHOLTZIA CRISTATA (Willd.)
                                        E. CILIATA (Thunb.).

It comes from Japan and is known there as NAGINATA-KOUJU.
A decoction of the leaves is used in Japan to relieve the effects of excess
alcohol and might still be used.

Thank you for any help. Please write to my e-mail address.


(e-mail: Mario.Salamon at

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