small everlasting antennaria

Mon Dec 6 14:18:43 EST 1993

I tried email to you and get invalid user specification.
	Here at the SCSU greenhouse we use Oasis growing medium-Wedge.
They work very well and we have success with most every cutting we have tried in them.  I noticed that they must not dry out, so use a cutting bench.
	Secondly, I would like to introduce myself to your greenhouse supervisor.
I am working on my Masters in Biology and will graduate in May.  I have applied for admission to USD to earn my PhD.  At SCSU I am the graduate student greenhouse supervisor.  I assist the Professor in charge in all aspects of our greenhouse.  I have management and marketing skills (we have sales here to raise funds),and computer skills (I have computerized our inventory).  If I am accepted atUSD I will be interested in working in the greenhouse.
	Thank you;
	Kim Robert ("KR") Ziarkowski

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