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"Terry" from TLC112 at psuvm.psu.edu writes:

>...Ok, simple stuff.  I realize that I'm way out of league here, but....
>Where, in relation to the node should one cut a house plant in order to root
In case you aren't inundated with replies, I'll offer:

cut the plant just beneath the node (5-10 mm), and strip off the leaves next to the cut 
for a distance of 4-8 cm, leaving several leaves at the tip of the shoot (maybe 8-15 
cm).  For best results, dust the base of the cutting in an artificial auxin, such as 
Rootone, and plant in well draining soil.  Keep somewhat humid, and keep the soil moist 
but not wet and you should have good results.  Conditions vary between plants.  For lots 
more information, you might look at Plant Prepagation, Principles and Practices, by 
Hartmann and Kester, 1975 (3rd ed).

Good luck,

Terry Delaney
Ciba Geigy Agric Biotech

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