horticultural internet resources !?

Niels Sommer Niels.Sommer at cdc2.gartenbauoekonomie.gartenbau.uni-hannover.d400.de
Tue Dec 7 10:09:35 EST 1993

horticultural Internet resources !?

We send a list of interesting horticultural Internet resources.
The accesses are free.
But we think this list is not complete.

We try to compile a complete list with all Internet resources 
who are interesting  for all gardeners, these resources haven't 
been free, also addresses with costs are needed.

So, please send us your adresses, informations and comments
(via mail).

We try to send the new list in this newsgroup, is the list too
long we give you informations where you can get it,

Angela and Niels

And here the uncomplete list of adresses:

     PENpages            psupen.psu.edu,         login: pnopta
     CENET               cce.cornell.edu,        login: guest
     CUFAN               eureka.clemson.edu,     login: PUBLIC
     CSU FRESNO ATI-NET  caticsuf.csufresno.edu, login: super
     Agriculture info    idea.ag.uiuc.edu,       login: interag

GOPHER:      search in Veronica
     Agrargopher in sweden
     USDA Current Research Information System   rice.info.rice.edu


     Australian National Botanic Garden         


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