HOORAY for Surgeon General Elders!!

Dan S Goldwasser dg5a+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Thu Dec 9 14:33:10 EST 1993

Excerpts from netnews.alt.fan.rush-limbaugh: 9-Dec-93 HOORAY for Surgeon
General .. by Matthew M. Brenner at cats. 
> It's so heartening to see it coming from such a respectable person as 
> Dr. Elders.  Now, what's so surprising is the Whitehouse's reaction:
> something like "the Surgeon General is entitled to her opinion but 
> Mr. Clinton is opposed to the idea and doesn't want to study it."
> Doesn't want to even study it?  That's all Elders called for, mind you.
> She said that based on two other countries experience of legalizing illicit
> drugs, it would be worth studying here.  She said that it seemed to reduce
> violent crime by taking out the profit, and that the number of users did
> not go up.  Wow!  Could Jocelyn Elders be the first public official not
> in the pockets of the MEDELLIN drug cartel, the Mafia, or the alcohol &
> tobacco companies?

Oh, please!!  Jocelyn Elders is certifiably insane!

She said something on the lines of, "We need safer guns, and safer
bullets. And since we have car licenses we should have Gun licenses."

How ridiculous is THAT??  She wears a military-type uniform (because,
after all, she IS the Surgeon GENERAL), and talks about how we need gun
licenses??  Where has she been all these years?  Oh yeah.  Arkansas. 
Well, maybe they don't have gun licenses there, but most of the country
does.  Isn't "safer bullets" an oxymoron?  What should the bullet do? 
Hold out a sign that says "BANG"?  Please!  

What's comes after she teaches our kindergarten children about sex? 
Starting a safe-shooting campaign?  "Teenagers are going to shoot
anyway.  So, let's GIVE them the guns, and teach them how to use
them......beginning with the pre-schools."

J. Elders churns my stomach.


It's still the economy, and he's still stupid.

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