Christmas Tree Maintenance?

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Thu Dec 9 14:12:20 EST 1993

In article <2e7p2e$3kt at> Dayton Meyer <meyerdt at> writes:
>After buying our cut Christmas tree, the salesman advised my roommate to
>use very dilute sugar water in the reservoir in order to keep the tree
>thriving throughout the long holiday season.  I've heard of recipes like
>this before, but never kept record of them.
>Does anybody have any recipes like this, assuming they have positive
>Dayton Meyer
>Wilmington, DE
>meyerdt at

Well, I can't speak for Christmas Trees, but my mother-in-law is a florist
and *especially* for roses, she advises her customers to use 50% water
and 50% sprite or 7-up (NOT sugar-free).  The acid and the sugar are supposed 
to be beneficial for the cut flowers.  However, with the addition of the
sugar, you have to be absolutely religious about changing the water 
frequently or you get nasty overgrowth of molds and bacteria which are none
to healthy for the plants.

It sort of follows that this might work for Christmas trees, but I don't know.


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