staining phloem tissue

Christian Brunner brunner at
Thu Dec 9 08:56:54 EST 1993

Hi, David,

I know one nice staining method that we used in our botany basic course:

Put the tissue into a drop of safranine solution and add one drop of

astrablue solution. After a few minutes (3..5) remove the staining

solutions with a paper handkerchief and put some drops of 90% ethanole

onto the tissue, and remove the coloured ethanole also. After that

you can repeat this step with ethanole, if still there is too much

colour around to get a clear sight.

The xylem parts are bright blue, the phloem is red coloured (I hope

that I didn't change this...). 

This is a very easy and nice method to differentiate xylem and phloem.


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