HOORAY for Surgeon General Elders!!

James Douglass Del-Vecchio n9020351 at henson.cc.wwu.edu
Thu Dec 9 14:56:34 EST 1993

moksha at cats.ucsc.edu (Matthew Michael Brenner) writes:

>To me this is the first truly original idea in American politics in my lifeti
>It's so heartening to see it coming from such a respectable person as 
>Dr. Elders.  					 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

	While she may be correct on this one issue, she has a track
record of making verfiably incorrect and flakey statements.

See below:

From: rtoptan at orion.it.luc.edu (Richard Z Toptani)
Date: 9 Dec 1993 13:41:58 GMT
Newsgroups: talk.politics.guns
Subject: Re: Elders on C-SPAN; Public Idiocy

>Well, I've heard her utter idiotic arguments about public health, but 
>I can't recall the specifics, so I pretty much disreagarded her as a
>moron, and didn't pay any further attention to her. Anyway, what follows
>is a message someone else posted describing some of her thoughts
>on gun control.

ron miller (ron at fc.hp.com) wrote:

: This lady wouldn't have passed logical reasoning in the 2nd grade!

: ==================== I HAD TO SEND THIS TODAY =============
: The Honorable Robert Dole
: 717 Hart Senate Office Bldg.   
: Washington, D.C. 20510                XXXXXXXXXXXXXX         
					Ft. Collins, Co. 80525
                                        8 Dec. 1993

: Dear Senator Dole,    

: I had the unfortunate experience of watching C-SPAN last night where our
: U.S. Surgeon General was addressing the National Press Club in Washington
: D.C. on the topic of violence as a health care issue. 

: I was appalled by the misunderstanding or ignorance of Ms. Elders on 
: a number of topics. Her lack of facts is truly frightening but seems to
: represent the Clinton Administration's usual care and research.

: Would you be so kind as to inform Ms. Elders of a few things so that
: she cannot say that no one ever told her these things?

: 1. The national voting age is 18. (She seems to have forgotten this.)
: 2. The Gun Control Act of 1968 prohibits retail sales of a handgun to
:    anyone under age 21. (That's 25 years of gun control!)
: 3. Ms. Elders asserted that she thought that taxing ammunition would deter
:    teenage misuse of firearms while in the same speech she reported that
:    30,000 armed robberies were committed with toy guns. It is absurd
:    to expect taxes to deter anyone from using a gun. (Except of course for
:    recreational shooters)
: 4. Designing "safer firearms" and "safer bullets" is propagating a 
:    foolish idea that the firearms and bullets are not doing their jobs
:    properly. Star Trek phasors don't exist.
: 5. Ms. Elders recited some statistics that black males stand a 1 in 27 chance
:    of becoming a gunshot victim while white males are at something like
:    1 in 250 risk. Yet she supports gun control when clearly the risk factor
:    is something else.
: 6. The Administration has started a drumbeat of wanting to issue gun
:    licenses like we do driver's licenses. This is total and utter deception.
:    Resist it at all costs. 

: Senator Dole, I implore you to remind the Clinton Administration that 
: this 37 year old married white middle-class taxpayer is NOT indistinguishable
: from a 15 year old inner-city minority gang banger. I am not the problem and
: I refuse to be treated as if I might be.   

: Hell, if I was stable enough to be trusted with a nuclear reactor, possible
: nuclear weapons, a nuclear submarine and its crew, why am I not trustworthy
: with a simple handgun? 

: Sincerely,

: R.G. Miller  

: CC: Congresswoman Pat Shroeder
:     Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell

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