HOORAY for Surgeon General Elders!!

James Douglass Del-Vecchio n9020351 at henson.cc.wwu.edu
Thu Dec 9 21:42:22 EST 1993

mizer at expert.cc.purdue.edu (Richard Fiest) writes:

>second.  The Gun Licenses.  YOU FUCKING DUMBASS,  She is talking about a lice
>that you need to get, after taking a TEST, like a driving license after taking
>a driving TEST.  The stress here is on education of how to use properley the 
>gun befor you can get one and accidentley kill someone because you are ignora

	Yeah right, if only that train shooter had been a trained marksman...
"Licensing" would have sure accomplished alot in that case.

She doesn't give a shit about making people good shots, she
just want to make it as inconvieant as possible for firearms
owners.  BTW, she also doesn't give a shit about accidents, as 
she knows firearm accidents are in the noise statistically.

	Annual deaths per category, ca 1980

Motor collisions		47,900
Falls				11,000
Drownings			 5,600
Fires				 4,800
Suffocation			 3,600
Posion, eaten			 4,000			
Drug overdose			 4,000+-
Posion, gas inhalation		 1,200
Firearms accidents (all)	 1,200+-
Firearms accidents (handgun)	   250+-
Firearms accidents are a distant ~27th in the list of accidental

>Third Safe Bullets... You sound like Rush ,that fat slimeball some morons thi
>is cool.  The safe bullets, of course she didnt mean foam rubber bullets or a
>stupid shit like that.  She was refering to the fact that some type of bullet
>are made for the purpose of INFLICTING MAXIMUM DAMAGE ON A TARGET.  the kind 
>mushroom out with the little claw like fragments that rip the shit out of peo
>(called black taltons or something similar). 

	The're called hollowpoints, and they have been the standard 
(and most appropriate) type of ammo to use for self defense for the
last century.  Hollowpoints are as safe as a bullet can be: they are 
designed to mushroom and stick in the target, as opposed to going straight 
through and killing an innocent bystander behind the target.

	Once again, she doesn't know anything about the topic, so 
she should keep quiet rather than display that fact.

Jim Del Vecchio

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