Announce: Plant Cell Wall Discussion Group

Alan R White alwhite at
Thu Dec 9 18:24:10 EST 1993

Electronic Discussion Group for Plant and Fungal
Cell Wall Research Seeks Participants

An electronic discussion group has been established on a
listserv server at North Dakota State University, USA, 
E-Mail  listserv at

The listserv mailing list discussion group has been set up as a
freely accessible electronic communication forum for use by
anyone interested in cell wall research.  The scope of this
discussion group will be all aspects of research into the
biology of plant and fungal cell walls including: structure;
polysaccharides, proteins and other components; synthesis;
expansion; and regulation.  Requests for help on specific
topics, requests for samples or standards, and suggestions on
laboratory techniques may be posted to the list.  The list may
also be used for announcements of meetings, calls for papers or
posters, posting of abstracts from recent meetings or recently
published papers, or announcements of visits by scientists to
particular areas.

To subscribe to the list send an E-Mail message to:
     listserv at

With the body of the message containing the command:
     sub cellwall <your-first-name> <your-last-name>

     Please use only the above command.  Leave the subject line
     blank and do not type any other message or text.

All mailing to the cellwall list should be sent to:
     cellwall at

Please pass this information on to other interested colleagues.

For more information send E-Mail to:  
     alwhite at

     Alan White     Department of Botany
     North Dakota State University
     Fargo, ND   58105-5517   USA
     Phone:   (701) 237-8380
     Fax:     (701) 237-7149

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