HOORAY for Surgeon General Elders!!

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In article <2e8fmm$iv at u.cc.utah.edu>, dbammes at u.cc.utah.edu (Dan Bammes) writes...
>   What bothers me about Dr. Elders' speech earlier this week is not the
>merits of the arguments for or against legalizing drugs.  I listened to
>the speech, and discovered that Joycelyn Elders is a bombastic individual
>in love with the sound of her own voice.  I don't think she thought very
    Actually, what struck me immediately was that her speaking style seems to
be very heavily influenced by black preachers a la Jesse Jackson, who rely on
the passion of their voices and their commitment to whatever (worthy) cause to
cover up their essentially poor public speaking skills. I'm far from advocating
that everone should sound like William Buckley (it'd be damned annoying), but
if Jocelyn Elders' remarks were transcribed and turned in as an essay
assignment to almost any high school english teacher, it would come back
covered in red ink with a well deserved D.

   Which doesn't change the fact that in essence I agree. I just wish it had
been said by someone with public speaking skills.

>much about what she said before it came out of her mouth.  I got the same


>impression watching her on one of the Sunday news shows last week (I think
>it was David Brinkley on ABC).
>    Given this personality characteristic, I suspect she'll find herself
>in trouble often for saying things that conflict with the administration's
>public positions and possibly contradicting her own earlier statements.
>    I don't know who I'd compare her to in this regard -- maybe James Watt
>in the Reagan administration or Andrew Young under Carter.  You can't
>violate the number one rule in political life -- everyone in the
>administration is supposed to be singing from the same music, personal
>views notwithstanding.

Or perhaps Bill does in fact agree, but recognized that it would be better to
test the water by having someone else say it publicly.  He could distance
himself from the idea if enough prominent people didn't chime in. Having
someone around (who can't go any farther in politics) to act as an ideological
food taster might be nice...  
Hmmm... Perhaps real estate would be a rewarding career -G.Khan
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