Stupid Americans Re: HOORAY for Surgeon General Elders!!

Fri Dec 10 02:20:55 EST 1993

In article <1993Dec10.031901.14382 at>
mathers at sibelius.trl.OZ.AU (Steven Mathers) writes:
>violence problem.  Treat the cause of the violence problem (one of which
>is drug prohibition), and the guns will look after themselves.  Start
>looking after your social problems.  It doesn't matter if you don't
>believe in being altruisitic or not; do it for your own sake if that's
>all you care about.  Help the poor and minorities rather than shutting
>them up in ghettos, and maybe they will take a functional part in
>society.  Is this too bloody hard to understand, or what?
Apparently it is for politicians and some knee-jerk americans who hear the
word "gun" and see a mental image of a 20 foot tall fire-breathing festering
monster instead on an inanimate lump of steel.
So what are the gun laws like in australia? (drug laws too, to keep it
marginally on topic)

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