Stupid Americans Re: HOORAY for Surgeon General Elders!!

John Badanes romdas at
Fri Dec 10 16:16:25 EST 1993

    >I don't know about the dumb Americans part.....

     Jason responds:
       It is unfortunate but, yes, most Americans are uneducated.  They pay
       no attention to current events, and are apathetic when it comes to
       issues hitting close to home.  This is a BAD THING.

And you, Jason, have not paid attention to the many requests to edit the
Newsgroups line so that it doesn't include [Other groups
that are irritated by this undisciplined proliferation need to make their
own reminders]. I'm now going to edit out from this post
to show you how easy it is to do and so that *I* don't get this yet another 
appeal all over the carpet.


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