Problems on bionet.plants

Paul Bucciaglia paul-b at
Sun Dec 12 10:29:34 EST 1993

In article <2eebvf$h84 at> hi23ahg at (phil mueller) writes:
>We really have a mess on the list. The sad thing is that I don't
>believe any of the people posting this stuff even looks at bionet.
>plants. We are just listed in the forwards. I also have no idea
>how to solve the problem.

It is a mess......but there is a solution.  Use the "Kill" command whenever
you come to an article or followup to the 'legal drug thread'.  I use the
'read news' program and just press 'K' after the offending article; everytime
I open bionet.plants it Kills all the articles with the same name. Other suggestions from more computer literate folk?

hoping to get the plants back soon....also please don't quit if you are here for
plant talk; as Phil menitoned most of this is due to cross posting from people
who don't read bionet.plants.                 

paul bucciaglia

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