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Sun Dec 12 11:51:49 EST 1993

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Paul Bucciaglia <paul-b at> wrote:
>It is a mess......but there is a solution.  Use the "Kill" command whenever
>you come to an article or followup to the 'legal drug thread'.  I use the
>'read news' program and just press 'K' after the offending article; everytime
>I open bionet.plants it Kills all the articles with the same name.
>Other suggestions from more computer literate folk?

Paul's method helps.  There is another step one can take if one is
feeling public-spirited.  It is slow to take effect, but it offers
some spiritual satisfaction.    ;-)

That is to reply (e-mail, NOT via the news group) to as many of these
posters as possible.  Ask them politely (if you have it in you) to
please edit the "groups" field when they participate in their (stupid)
debate.  Your request will not add to the pileup in the news group;
SOME of the offenders WILL politely cooperate; most will be too dumb
to act on your request; one or more may flame you.  I confess I haven't
started this for the current "debate," but I have had some success with
it in other newsgroups.

>hoping to get the plants back soon....also please
>don't quit if you are here for
>plant talk; as Phil menitoned most of this is due to cross posting from people
>who don't read bionet.plants.                 

Hear, hear!


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