Problems on bionet.plants

Tony Travis ajt at
Sun Dec 12 20:19:09 EST 1993

phil mueller (hi23ahg at wrote:
: We really have a mess on the list. The sad thing is that I don't
: believe any of the people posting this stuff even looks at bionet.
: plants. We are just listed in the forwards. I also have no idea
: how to solve the problem.

You are right: the original article was cross-posted to many groups
of which bionet.plants was unfortunately one.  When posters in some
of the other groups followed up they _automatically_ cross-posted
their replies to all the groups in the original list.

You solve the problem by *NOT* posting compaints here but by sending
a calm, level-headed complaint to the originator of an inappropiate
article by email pointing out that he/she is cross-posting to this
group: when a few hundred of these polite complaints arrive most
people do something about it.  If they do not, then mail postmaster
at their site and complain to him.

Remember, this is an _unmoderated_ newsgroup and *I* do not decide
which messages are posted: you all do, when you post an article.

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