not at all what i expected

A la vida, que hermosura es. ddackerman at
Mon Dec 13 00:11:53 EST 1993

I am an senior biology major here at St. John's in Minnesota, primarily a 
botany (esp. economic) buff, and also quite interested in evolution (esp. 
the Mangelsdorf Iltis/Doebley/Stec etc. "Corn Wars"). I was introduced to 
this net as a way to make contacts, seek out information in my areas of 
interest that would otherwise be extemely hard to track down, and see what
academics in fields I may go into in the future are doing. 
  Unfortunately I've only seen about 10% of the last 100 posts or so in 
this group having anything to do with plant biology. I mean, I can understand
there being >somewhat< of a discussion of marijuana legalization here, as 
I've just recently looked over Les Grinspoon's recent book "Marihuana:
the Forbidden Medicine" and a current project of mine in Minnesota economic
botany has also involved studies of this plant as an economic mainstay of
early 20th century Minnesotans (clothes, fuel, paper, etc.). But then to 
see what could have been a relevant discussion turn into diatribes about
the current American executive administration?

I know it's not the fault of any mainstay posters of this group; but 1)
typing "kill" doesn't do anything on my system (Any help would be
appreciated) and 2) Why should they be here in the first place to be killed,
they just waste computer memeory (as I suppose this response might in some
people's opinions). Can't the higher-ups in BIOSCI take care of this.

I realize I may be just an undergrad (although I just had commencement today)
  but I have to say my opinion of this net to police itself is going down.
  I would not like to see that continue, as I otherwise find this group
quite interesting.

 Sincerely, ddackerman at

   Dom Ackerman

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