LSD and Moose on I-95 in Maine

Carl Dragstedt cdragste at
Tue Dec 14 14:21:53 EST 1993

i was returning from the dead's 2nd night in boston last september...i had 
dosed early in the evening, and had been coming down for a couple of hours...
after some post-partying in the lots, we rolled out to head back to Bates Coll.
in Lewiston...

it was exactly 2:53 am when i saw it...we had been listening to RFK 6.20.92
on the way up, and were still "going" a little when a seven foot moose stepped i  
in to the fast lane, where i was travelling...i disticntly remember its 
glossy bright eyes looking at me...there was about 2 seconds in which i could
react, and i thankfully had been dosed, my senses acute, so that i swerved out
of the way, and NEARLY was tail-ended by a Shaw's Supermarket 18-wheeler!!! 
i had my shit up until about a half mile up the road, where i DID pull over
to get a grip... 

i have made several (dozens) of trips back and forth from boston to maine, and
neither myself or any of my friends had ever SEEN a moose...i feel safe in 
saying that had i been snoozy, on coffee to keep me awake, i never would have
swerved out of the way the way i did under the influence of LSD...there was an
incident a few weeks ago after thanksgiving break where 4 Bates students DID 
hit a moose and MIRACULOUSLY survived (that's a one in a thousand shot, seeing
as they weigh up to a ton and can literally rip the roof off one's car!!!)

just my little drug story...there IS a God!!!!!!!

Carl Dragstedt
cdragste at
Bates College, Lewiston, ME, 04240

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