Problems on bionet.plants - suggestions for temp. moderation

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>>Subject: Problems on bionet.plants
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>>Date: 12 Dec 1993 05:59:11 GMT
>>We really have a mess on the list. The sad thing is that I don't
>>believe any of the people posting this stuff even looks at bionet.
>>plants. We are just listed in the forwards. I also have no idea
>>how to solve the problem.
>Suggestion (for Dave K.) - Could we allow "temporary moderation" for the
>newsgroups so that this sort of thing can be blocked (i.e. being
>crossposted about some irrelevent and non-ending argument)?  I feel very sorry
>for the email subscribers to this group.
>Even better would be if a thread could be blocked automatically.
I would also like to see (if possible), all bionet.relevant 
information crossposted in one posting, so that 
those of us who use "rn", will only see an article 
once rather than multiple times when reading 
various newsgroups.  
I must admit to some ignorance as to whether this is possible,
considering the mail software,
but if possible, I think it might be a good thing.
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