Stupid Americans Re: HOORAY for Surgeon General Elders!!

Carl Dragstedt cdragste at
Tue Dec 14 14:00:46 EST 1993

this issue seems to me to be taking the shape of yet another governmental
shortcoming, or missed boat...with the so-called crime bill and the already
passed brady bill the feds have assured the american people of increased 
security and fewer guns...for anyone who may have missed an MTV special (I know
MTV, right?? but this news story was very poignant and NOT merely propaganda
to fuel Cypress Hill fans) there are nearly 200,000,000 (!) guns in the US,
all types, all with the same capabilities...i see this brady bill as nothing 
much in the way of a prospective criminal with a vindictive proverbial chip on
his/her the same light, the crime bill will be merely a compensa-

tory act which effectively will do nothing to attack the endemic nature of 
crime, including drug filling the streets with hundreds of 
thousands of new police officers, unemployment will drop (hey, a nice pick-me-up
for Clinton to fight the woes and dipping popularity customary to mid-years
of an administration!!!!) but the real issue will be a constant battle on the 
streets, a war of attrition between the cops and the "bad guys"...there is no
reason that a more comprehensive approach to the so-called war on drugs could
not transpire...legalization of weed would help to address the problem, as pot
perhaps serves as one of the most lucrative black market would 
remove the middle men, those standing between the big time dopeys and prospective
junkies...the physiological affects of weed need more publicized research, much
like the Harvard report of 1986...there needs to be more accurate analyses of 
the effects of drugs we take for alcohol and tobacco, which are
much more detrimental than THC...write to your local congress-smoker and 
senator, and voice your concern about the beer industry and all their obnoxious
commercials, and how there should be no special privileges for a more deadly 
drug than pot to be legal while a more medically beneficial drug (pot) be 
socially, legally, and psychologically denounced as "evil" because it has been
illegal for so long...hey! it became illegal because it was good for too much!
like rugs, fabric, THINGS the DUPONT CO. saw as a threat, and undoubtedly sought
governmental support for the demise of the hemp industry!!!!

toke up

carl dragstedt
cdragste at
Bates College, Lewiston, ME, 04240

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