LSD and Moose on I-95 in Maine

Stephen M. Gardner gardner at
Tue Dec 14 19:01:12 EST 1993

In article <1993Dec14.192153.16268 at> cdragste at (Carl Dragstedt) writes:
>i was returning from the dead's 2nd night in boston last september...i had 
>dosed early in the evening, and had been coming down for a couple of hours...
>after some post-partying in the lots, we rolled out to head back to Bates Coll.
>in Lewiston...
	Hey, a Batesie on the Net! (I'm class of 76 myself, yeah I know
	old guy huh? ;-) )

	Glad to see that Bates is still spawning people who think for
	themselves and don't bow down to government WOD bullshit.
	I was wondering if it was still the liberal place of my youth.

>i have made several (dozens) of trips back and forth from boston to maine, and
>neither myself or any of my friends had ever SEEN a moose...
	You are darn lucky.  My parents live in N.H. and see them all
	the time.  They have made an amazing comeback in recent years.
	When I was just a kid we never saw them.  By the time I was in
	High School we sometimes saw them and now folks see them all the
	time. As you point out, it can be a bummer if you hit one.
	My cousin totalled his car on one a few years back, it made his
	night: there he was, he and his buddy, all cut up and bleeding with
	a half-dead mouse making *very* loud half dead moose noises
	there in the middle of a dark country road several miles from the
	nearest house.  Poor guy didn't even have any dope to take the
	edge off. ;-)


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