International Rapeseed Congress 1995 - Call for Papers

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                        Call for Papers

Cambridge 4-7 July 1995

The 9th International Rapeseed Congress will be held in Cambridge, England,
on the 4th to 7th July 1995. These Congresses are held every four years
under the aegis of the Group Consultatif International de Recherches
sur le Colza (GCIRC).

Since the last congress in Cnnada in 1991, interest in rapeseed has
been aroused by awareness of the superior nutritional advantages of 
rape oil. There is also growing recognition of its value for various
industrial purposes, including pharmacology and fuel oil. It is intended
that the Congress should cover these and other aspects of rapeseed production
and utilisation. Some 1000 delegates from all continents are expected to attend.

Cambridge presents a superb setting for the Congress: it is in a major
rapeseed growing area and has a distinguished background in agricultural 

The call for papers is currently being distributed. Anyone interested should
apply to me for details, either by E-mail, or by direct mail to

Denis Kimber
44 Church Street
Cambdridge CB3 7JE

+44 223 870455 (phone/fax)
kimber at (Internet e-mail)

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Denis Kimber

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