Defined growth media help

James E Gawel waterboy at
Wed Dec 15 11:16:51 EST 1993

Hi folks,
	I'm just starting the culture of several plant species for the
investigation of metal stress responses.  I would like to get some information on
defined media (i.e. MS, LS, SH) and growth conditions that may be standard
practice for the following species:
		Arabidopsis thaliana
		Nicotiana tabacum
		Betula populifolia
		Picea rubens
		Lycopersicon esculentum
		Abies balsamea
I know that everyone out there is probably rolling in the aisles because it would
require more than one person to maintain all of these cultures, but I'm actually
going to narrow it down to red spruce and maybe one or two others.  I would like
some info to help me decide which ones would be feasible and worthwhile to study
with regard to metal responses.  I would like to cultivate them on agar with
nutrients and such added, and then transfer them to hydroponic culture if
possible so that metal speciation is better defined than in soil or sand.  Please
give me any references or connections that you can.

					Thank You, and for your trouble
					you will regain full consciousness
					on your death bed.

						Jim Gawel

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