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In article <1993Dec9.131539.7087 at inra.fr>, label at jouy.jouy.inra.fr (Philippe Label) writes:
> Hello Bionetters,
> I am looking for fluridone which is a specific inhibitor of carotenoid
> biosynthesis. By the way, it is also an inhibitor of abscisic acid biosynthesis.
> I'll very glad if anyone could give me a pointer to any kind of source for this
> chemical compound.
> Thanks for your help.
> Philippe LABEL (label at orleans.inra.fr)

As far as I know, the only source for technical grade fluridone is
Ely Lilly and Company.  They have provided limited amounts of the chemical
free of charge to me in the past.  I would suggest that you contact your
local ELANCO customer sevice rep and if necessary write a letter explaining
your research interests.  I also acknowledge Ely Lilly and Co. in my 
manuscripts and send them a copy of them to show them the use their 
product is put and thank them for providing it.
On a non-technical scale, fluridone is the active ingredient in Sonar,
an aquatic herbicide that ELANCO sells commercially.
Hope this helps.

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