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>Quick Lazy mans question...
>.       Are plant auxins (IAA, NAA, 24D) carcinogenic?
You can find a quick answer in the Merck Index.  They usual 
give toxicity levels and effects with references at the end of the chemical 

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>When I was an undergrad, we were taught that in the concentrations and
>purity that we use in the lab, they are.  Recently a post doc in our lab
>told our technician not to worry, they have no toxic or carcinogenic
>properties.  I am afraid that he may be leaving himself and the lab open
>to criminal charges under the current employee right to know laws with his
>polyanna attitude, but I can't find my old reference for this little
>trivia factoid.  Can someone point me to a med reference, or some such that
>might help?  Thanks.
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