Carl Dragstedt cdragste at abacus.bates.edu
Wed Dec 15 20:18:11 EST 1993

i wish to take this time to apologize for the inappropriate posting(s) i made
on alt.drugs...i do wish to address one issue that appeared to me to be more
crucial than the original at hand, and that is the degree to which readers of
bionet.plants somehow feel the need to blanket label misusers of the net...when
i learned, there was only one command to make a posting, and my teacher did not
realize himself that it would possibly be cross-posted...i did personally feel 
a sense of temper, and perhaps rightly so, yet at the same time, there was what
many of us humanitarians call crude, scientific hard-nosedness...i, and i am 
sure others feel this way who have made innocent, inappropriate postings, do
not promote the message that one of your beloved readers posted that advocated
the shrewd, in-your-face sort of attitude...if there is a problem, there most
certainly is a more comprehensive answer in lieu of senseless proddings of 
violators such as myself...address it better...thanks to many of you who did 
have the courtesy to write me back...i wish i could cater to your interests
more efficiently than the net seems to be able to...no further postings will 
appear on your newsgroup...again, my sincere apology...

Carl Dragstedt
cdragste at abacus.bates.edu
Bates College, Lewiston, ME 04240

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