CONGRESS is the PROBLEM! Was Re: Stupid Americans Re: HOORAY for Surg

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Subject: CONGRESS is the PROBLEM! Was Re: Stupid Americans Re:  HOORAY for Surg
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In article <kodak.755555018 at>, kodak at (Jason 'KodaK' Balicki) writes:
> Alec Michael Grossman <ag4h+ at> writes:
>>I don't know about the dumb Americans part, but the rest of this is
> It is unfortunate but, yes, most Americans are uneducated.  They pay
> no attention to current events, and are apathetic when it comes to
> issues hitting close to home.  This is a BAD THING.
>>pretty much true.  America treats the small problem instead of trying to
>>deal with the larger issues.  It may be because of the four year system
> Yes, very true.  Witness congresses current facination with video game
> violence.  "Americans shouldn't be allowed to see stuff like this."
> (I'll decide that for myself, thank you.)  And yet, we don't see congress
> in session because of, say, the four-corners disease.  (Concerning
> video game violence:  I'm sure most congressmen played "war" when they
> were younger.  I guess it's OK to pretend to be killing Japaneese, 
> Vietnameese, Commies or Iraqis; but they draw the line at slime mutants.)
>>people over the long term.  If everything weren't such a popularity
>>contest, a lot more would get done.

        CONGRESS IS THE PROBLEM!  The idiots in DC are responsible directly, or
indirectly for about half of the problems in this pathetic country.
        Locked in their warm carpted offices with pages, these people don't see
their home state unless it is time for the annual popularity contest or it is
covered with 6 feet of water (photo op).  They only thing congress is in touch
with is themselves (read that anyway you like).  If you think they know what
life in this country is really like look at Washington DC.  Less than half a
block from the Capitol is the SLUMS of the most violent city in the US.  How
they ignore it, no one knows.
        Congress doesn't give a damn for the common person.  They don't
believe what they say.  Experts.  Experts live in offices similar to theirs or
work in Hollywood an watch CNN.  Need an expert on Homelessness get an actor
who just did a movie on it.  When was the last time you saw a Homeless person
testify in front of Congress?
        Congress only responds to what they think the favorite topic of the day
is.  This supposedly comes from the people.  It doesn't.  The American people
are pawns of the TV.  They only believe what the TV tells 'em to.  As for
reading newspapers, ask someone why newspaper subscriptions continue to drop.
        The problem with the American populace is that they have forgotten the
fact that they are in control of their lives.  If they don't like the damn TV
program TURN IT OFF!  If you don't like guns get rid of the problems that breed
        If you think cyberspace is a place where we can talk about whatever we
want, think again.  It will only be a matter of time before someone does an
"expose" on the availibility of porn and the violence of MUDs.  They will
mention that people discuss abortion, racsism, communism, and rebelling against
Congress.  It will take less than a month and the US side of the INTERNET will
be regulated (instead of just being monitored by the CIA and NSA and ever other
spook group).  They will attempt to ban groups and sites and force us to
voluntarily rate our posts (this one is approved for those aged 18 and over,
unless it discusses masturbation in which case it is banned.).
        The US government scares me.  Now if only I can scare it into accepting

        I think that about covers my rant.

        -Mark Huss
I've kind of been thinking of this, actually. Ever since I came to
usenet news, I LOVED IT! It's finally a place where people around the
nation can talk about their views freely- nobody regualting what I say.
It's kind of a media of the grassroots. No multi million dollar cable
companies telling me what to think! What is discussed is what people
want to discuss - real issues are confronted in real ways. I thought 
it would be even better once this incredible power of the grassroots
was unleashed to all people in the U.S. (or other countries, for that
matter). But I was afraid it was too good to be true. And you're right.
It probably is. The mainstream media has already conjured up a lot of
irrational fear over the internet, and the government will jump in on
top of it, I'm afraiIf the government doesn't do it, business will.
I want the power of the internet we have now to last. Once the congress
even suggests regulation, we'll have to flood the fuck out of senators
with snail mail.

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