CONGRESS is the PROBLEM! Was Re: Stupid Americans Re: HOORAY for Surg

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>         If you think cyberspace is a place where we can talk 
> about whatever we want, think again.  It will only be a matter 
> of time before someone does an "expose" on the availibility of 
> porn and the violence of MUDs.  They will mention that people 
> discuss abortion, racsism, communism, and rebelling against 
> Congress.  It will take less than a month and the US side of the 
> INTERNET will be regulated (instead of just being monitored by 
> the CIA and NSA and ever other spook group).  They will attempt 
> to ban groups and sites and force us to voluntarily rate our posts 
> (this one is approved for those aged 18 and over, unless it discusses
> masturbation in which case it is banned.).

I'm afraid Mr. Huss is right.

All you anti-2nd Ammendment nuts, take note -- the Bill of Rights is
a package, not an itemization.  If we continue to allow the Congress
to urinate on the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th and 10th Ammendments, can the 
1st be safe?

Mark Shaw

Hmmm... Isn't it strange that after the Bill Of Rights, the amendments
that followed often resembled bills *against* rights? 

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