HOORAY for Surgeon General Elders!!

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>To me this is the first truly original idea in American politics in my lifetime.  
>It's so heartening to see it coming from such a respectable person as 
>Dr. Elders.  Now, what's so surprising is the Whitehouse's reaction:
>something like "the Surgeon General is entitled to her opinion but 
>Mr. Clinton is opposed to the idea and doesn't want to study it."
>Doesn't want to even study it?  That's all Elders called for, mind you.
>She said that based on two other countries experience of legalizing illicit
>drugs, it would be worth studying here.  She said that it seemed to reduce
>violent crime by taking out the profit, and that the number of users did
>not go up.  Wow!  Could Jocelyn Elders be the first public official not
>in the pockets of the MEDELLIN drug cartel, the Mafia, or the alcohol &
>tobacco companies?
>I urge everyone reading this who has a scintilla of grey-matter in their
>heads: write the prez. and tell him to listen to his Surgeon General:
>                     PRESIDENT at WHITEHOUSE.GOV
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Some of us may recall that Reagan's surgeon general, C. Everett Koop made some
very similar conclusions.

But, in keeping with the religiuos right it was supressed from public debate.

BTW, Koop recently gave a speech at NIH. He descrbed how was continually 
supressed by the Reagan administration from bringing up the issuse of the AIDS,
the emidemic and how we could have gotten a good head start on it before it got
out of control. In his words, "Now, many more millions will suffer".
According to him, their basis for keeping the issue quiet was, they did not 
want to talk openly about the "C-WORD"(condoms), in public. 

The Republicans played with the Religous-Right and got burned. 

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