HOORAY for Surgeon General Elders!!

John Hagler nuffy at ornews.intel.com
Mon Dec 20 22:31:59 EST 1993

jhurwitz at access3.digex.net (j. hurwitz) writes:

>Some of us may recall that Reagan's surgeon general, C. Everett Koop made some
>very similar conclusions.

>But, in keeping with the religiuos right it was supressed from public debate.

>BTW, Koop recently gave a speech at NIH. He descrbed how was continually 
>supressed by the Reagan administration from bringing up the issuse of the AIDS,
>the emidemic and how we could have gotten a good head start on it before it got
>out of control. In his words, "Now, many more millions will suffer".
>According to him, their basis for keeping the issue quiet was, they did not 
>want to talk openly about the "C-WORD"(condoms), in public. 

I just saw part of a special also describing how back in the way early days
of AIDS one of the main dudes at the CDC wanted to stop homosexuals from
donating blood as he had found many links between gays and aids. The homo-
sexual organization leaders AND the blood suppliers shut him up and he was
no longer invited to their little meetings on how to stop it. Seems the left
wing Political Correctness folks are as much to blame (if not more) than the
right wingers.


>The Republicans played with the Religous-Right and got burned. 

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