Tue Dec 21 22:05:09 EST 1993

I am a Masters student working with a compound called paclobutrazol manufacturedby ICI.
This growth regulator inhibits the production of gibberellic acid by affecting the points from ent-kaurene to ent-kaurenoic acid in the pathway.
At a recent conference dealing with biophysics I was told about a possible natural analogue of this regulator in corals.  Does anyone know of such an analogue?
The compound I'm working with consists of a triazole ring (1,2,4) attached to a dimethyl bridge linking to a chlorophenyl group.  The bridge also attaches to pentan-3-ol.
Does anyone have any interesting leads? I would even be grateful of any new developments you have heard of even though I'm very near the end of my degree.
THANKS in advance...

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