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Mark Jones jones at
Tue Dec 28 12:35:27 EST 1993

>The 2nd ammendment is a thorny one.  I believe that the intent of the framers
>was to provide a check and balance that would make it difficult for a
>totalitarian government to take over this country since the populace would
>be allowed equal access to armaments.  Nowadays this is somewhat outdated
>unless you interpret it to allow backyard nukes in every suburb.  So with
>the government holding the absolute upper hand when it comes to war toys,
>what is the need for the populace to arm themselves?  I think there are valid

Imagine that Bill & Hillary declare martial law tomorrow.
I think this is less likely to happen if most people have guns
(better yet, keep them non-registered to keep the tyrants guessing).

What percentage of the populace will be angry enough to shoot
at armed-government types who comply with enforcing this martial law?
10% ? .000001% ?  30% ?

These people (whatever the number) will not be in one place.

I don't think that nuclear weapons are very effective against the
scattered people that decide to pick up a gun to fight tyranny.

--Mark (jones at
"It is not only [the juror's] right but his find the verdict
according to his own best understanding, judgement, and conscience,
though in direct opposition to the directions of the court."-John Adams 1771

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