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Wed Dec 29 04:28:34 EST 1993

In article <2fpqov$dti at> jones at (Mark Jones) writes:
>Imagine that Bill & Hillary declare martial law tomorrow.

Uh, excuse me... we've already had martial law for some time now...
I suppose you could trace it back to the shooting of college students
at Kent State, or the Democratic convention in '68. Right now police
have a right to stop and search you at any time. Your property can
be taken from you for no reason whatsoever, no charges need even be
filed. Curfews are freely imposed on citizens in areas like the
housing projects in Chicago. It's illegal to sit on the sidewalk
in San Francisco (I know from personal experience). Hell, they were
even talking about CALLING it martial law in DC a while back there,
until cooler PR heads prevailed and everyone remembered they can
just have all the rules without the name and everyone will THANK
them for it.

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