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Subject: Re: National Archives and Communications?

Jim Whittington,

I'm the Systems Manager at the Cooperative State Research Service (CSRS) of
the Department of Agriculture and I have been frustrated by the red tape and
resistance I had encountered within your Department.  Let me explain, and
perhaps you can help me.

CSRS has been transmitting electronically Federal solicitation notices since
May of 1992.  The purpose was to streamline communications to researchers,
research administrators, and contracts and grant officers to maximize
researchers' time for preparation.  Unfortunately, the Federal Register is
the only notification source of many research solicitations.  Many
researchers and department and grants administrators do not have ready
access to the Federal Register, and, therefore do not have sufficient time
to prepare and submit proposals before the solicitiation due dates.  Making
notices available electronically from CSRS alleviates some of this problem.

My frustration begins with the fact that the National Archives, office of
the Federal Register will not provide my agency or any other with an
electronic copy of the Federal Register.  Instead, we have to read/scan the
documents to see if there are any Grant Notifications from agencies (Energy,
NASA, Education, etc. etc.), and then re-enter this data into our system for
transmission across the internet.

Current Options:
Commercial Services - they download Federal Register tapes and provide
     electronic copies, but are running about a week or more later.
US GPO - The GPO only can publish the "table of contents" electronically -
     not the text!
NTIS Fedworld - No option for the Federal Register

The bottom line is that dealines are still missed, and my calendar says that
it is 1993 and we should share the information locked in our databases and
bureaucracies.  Any help you can provide me to gain access to current
electronic copies of the Federal Register will be greatly appreciated.

                             Jerome J. McNamara
                              Systems Manager
                 USDA - Cooperative State Research Service
                         901 D Street SW, Room 310B
                           Washington D.C., 20250
                         Telephone: (202) 401-1977
                    Internet:  mcnamara at darth.esusda.gov

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