Looking for Gunnera & Peperomia plants

Mike Folsom mwfolsom at hydra.unm.edu
Fri Feb 5 20:26:58 EST 1993

Folks -

I want to do some work on Gunnera and wonder if anyone out
there in cyberspace knows of a source for live plants of any  
of its species.  Thompson & Morgan last catalogue lists seeds 
of one species of Gunnera but I'd really prefer to get hold
of live plants so that would be flowering sooner.

Re: the Peperomias - I'm looking for some very exotic species
of Pep's from South and Central America.  I've been on the 
phone to quite a few Botanical Gardens and Nurseries in North
America to no avail.

Addresses of a nursery or a botanical garden that has them in 
their collection would be appreciated.

Thanks to all -


M.W.Folsom/Biology/UNM/Albuquerque,NM~87131/505.277.4277/mwfolsom at hydra.unm.edu

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