Tri- & tetra-cotyledons in dicots

Nanfei Xu UGG00005 at VM.UOGUELPH.CA
Wed Feb 10 02:33:14 EST 1993

Hi, everyone:

     I posted a similar message early on this net.  It didn't spark any
discussion, all I received was one response.  I'm really curious about this
subject and need help from you.

     I'm studying alfalfa embryogenesis.  Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) is a
dicotyledonous plant.  However, there are quite a few tri- or tetra-
cotyledonous embryos from the plants I grow in growth chamber.  The ratio of
di-/(tri- + tetra-) is roughly 3:1 for all the plants with different amount of
fertilizer.  Does anybody out there know why there is tri- or tetra-cots on
dicots plant?  What is the evolutionary relationship of tri- or tetra-cots to
mono- and dicots if there is any?   In general, is tri- or tetra-cots derived
from the fusing of two early stage embryos, or is it from one zygote?  Is there
any description of developmental morphology?  Is this character inheritable?
Any discussion on the net or information to me is greatly appreciated.
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