Gibberelin inhibitors

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Thu Feb 11 16:00:23 EST 1993

In article <11FEB199310005261 at> jlw2582 at (WHITSON, JOHN LEE) writes:
>Does anyone know of an internode-length reducer that i can get my hands
>on?  i've been told that Gibberelic acid inhibitors work quite nicely,
>but everyone (outside of the Hort dept at Texas A&M) that i've asked has
>met my question with a blank stare.
>John Whitson
>jlw2582 at

Your source was referring to inhibitors of gibberellin synthesis.
Compounds with names like AMO-1618, B-9, CCC, etc.  These will
"dwarf" many kinds of dicots, such as chrysanthemums.  They
result in reduced intermode length but normal size flowers.


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