Gibberelin inhibitors

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Mon Feb 15 06:30:22 EST 1993

Thomas Bjorkman (Thomas_Bjorkman at edu.cornell) wrote:
: In article <11FEB199310005261 at> WHITSON,
: jlw2582 at writes:
: >Does anyone know of an internode-length reducer that i can get my hands
: on?
: Getting your hands on the plants will actually work well.  Gently
: stroking the stem for a few seconds a day will shorten the internode. 
: Internode length responds markedly to the temperature right after sunrise
: (colder => shorter).

Is the plant responding to a mechanical stimulus here, or is it eg.
temperature (from the hands) or damage to the hairs on the surface and
consequent changes is the thickness of the boundary layer ?

Or, is it perhaps a chemical transferred from your green fingers ? ;-)

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