agrobacterium pictures

Robert J. Lebowitz lebowitz at
Tue Feb 16 10:29:17 EST 1993

I'm in the finishing phases of writing a book on plant biotechnology.
One of the last details I have to deal with involves the illustrations
for the various chapters.  I am presently looking for a nice, ugly crown
gall on any dicot plant to include in the book.  I am also looking for a
nice picture of a typical wild-type Ti plasmid that identifies some of
the more important portions of the plasmid, such as the T-DNA, the
virulence genes region, the opine synthase and catabolism genes, etc.
If you have a stock drawing or photo of these, I'd appreciate a copy.
We'll acknowledge you under the illustration as the contributor in
return for your effort.  

Thanks.... Rob 
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