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Potter Wickware wick at NETCOM.COM
Tue Feb 16 20:37:15 EST 1993

Hello Plant People --
	A couple of days ago someone posted two citations about fruit
ripening and PGU.  I meant to save them but threw them away instead.  Did
anyone save them?  IF so could you forward them to me?  Much obliged.

	Potter Wickware, Oakland, CA wick at

On 15 Feb 1993, J Preiss--Seq Anal wrote:

> As I recall, the flavr-savr tomato was made by putting the polygalacturonase
> gene into one of the RIN or NOR or NR ripening mutants.  I think it was NR.
> They used the PG gene from the paper by Della-Penna and Alexander PNAS 1986
> I think.  I could be wrong, but I have spoken to several people from Calgene,
> and I know they told me that this is how they made some of the early varieties.
> 	Hope this helps
> 	Lenny Bloksberg
> 	PreissJ at

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