uptodate codon usage tables

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  4819  >Does anyone out there have a computed version of E.coli preferred codon
  4824  via Internet Gopher or anonymous ftp to ftp.bio.indiana.edu,
  4825  look in folder  /molbio/codon for eco.cod
  4830  681 genes found in GenBank 63.
  4832   Produced by J. Michael Cherry (cherry at frodo.mgh.harvard.edu) with the
  4833   GCG program CodonFrequency

I found a codon table of GenBank vs. 69  (15 Sept. 1992)
by ftp from  ftp.nig.ac.jp, in
directory pub/codon. Several tables are there,both plants and
other organisms. Table format is that of Wada et al. 1990. 
Codon usage tabulated from the GENBANK... Nucl. acids Res. 
19 (supplement):1981-1986.
Also available via gopher (National Institute of Genetics / 
Hope this helps.
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