Chloride toxicity in Pinus

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21 February, 1993
Message to Forestry Net regarding Salinity tolerance of Pinus.
I am working with a hydroponic culture system to investigate
mechanisms of metal stress tolerance in Pinus taeda and Pinus
elliottii.  One of the concerns we have is that of inadvertent
chloride toxicity associated with the salts with which we
are adding the metals.  However, I have had little luck
finding much literature on chloride toxicity or even salinity
that is appropriate for Pinus.  I have found some research on
simulated saltwater inundations and some work on hydroponic
testing of horticultural and crop plants (e.g., Citrus) for sodium
chloride toxicity. Is anyone aware of research that would address
the levels of chloride (Cl-) required for toxicity to Pinus, or
conifers, in solution culture?
Thanks in advance for your consideration of this question.
Alexander L. Friend
Assistant Professor of Forestry
Mississippi State University
Internet: alf2 at Ra.MsState.Edu

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