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>|> Applications of RAPD Technology to Plant Breeding
>|> which was part of the Joing Plant Breeding Symposia Series, Nov. 1 1992
>|> held in Mineapolis, MN, and co-sponsored by the CSSA, ASHS and the AGA.
>|> These are really polished  and professionally typeset papers, so I can't
>|> imagine that they won't be published somewhere. But where?
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>|> Brian Fristensky                | 
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>You could try contacting one of the sponsoring societies to see if they have any more 
>proceedings volumes, or if they plan to republish the proceedings as a special issue 
>of one of their journals.
>Ross Whetten 
>e-mail rosswhet at

I telephoned to thje Tri-Societies Headquarters at (608)273-8080.....
and though the specific person handling that volume was "gone for the day,"
you can indeed order that symposium handbook.

They require prepayment......charge card or fax them an order
(608)273-2021....and the person answering didn't happen to know the price.

For the greater world, I'll call again on Monday and get fuller

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