Hydroponics & CO2

Gilles Laberge gilles.laberge at synapse.org
Sun Jan 3 20:16:00 EST 1993

To: mffowler at zeus.calpoly.edu (Michael Francis Fowler)
From: gilles.laberge at synapse.org
Date: 4 Jan 93 1am EST

MF>Oh...Since I am here-  I am curious what the effects 
MF>of supplementing Carbon Dioxide to my greenhouse
MF>crop of flowers and vegetables.  Any suggestions 
MF>about this is also greatly appreciated.   

Well I think that supplementing CO2 will increase the
"Greenhouse effect" in the closed stucture which will
increase the ambient temperature. This will throw off the
flowers natural cycle and have an effect contrary to what 
your looking for (more growth, longer bloom periods).

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