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> Oh...Since I am here-  I am curious what the effects 
> of supplementing Carbon Dioxide to my greenhouse
> crop of flowers and vegetables.  Any suggestions 
> about this is also greatly appreciated.   

Carbon dioxide (CO2) fertilization is a common way to increase growth in

I have tested the effect of CO2 on pine seedlings (Pinus sylvestris) there
was an increase in growth (DW increase) up to about 3500 ppm.

The following examples is cited from a brochure from (snail mail adress)
AGA GAS AB, S-17282 Sundbyberg, SWEDEN. They sell gas and equipment for CO2

Plant        ppm CO2     comment

Tomato      1000-1500   faster growth, earlier and larger yield (25-30%)  
Cucumber    1000-1500   faster growth, earlier and larger yield (25-30%)

Roses        1000       Larger yield, better stem and flower quality

Saintpaulia 1000-2000   Faster growth (24-62%), 1-2 weeks earlier flowering
                        , more flowers  
Atmosperic concentration is 300-400 ppm CO2.
In a closed greenhouse will the CO2 concentration drop to about 100-150 ppm
this retards growth.
Effects on man can be observed at 20000-30000 ppm CO2 after some hours
exposure. The authorities in Sweden regard 5000 ppm as safe for workers
spending  all their working-hours in greenhouse.
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