Coptis teeta

C. Richter richter at
Sun Jan 10 14:56:40 EST 1993

Has anyone heard of the Indian plant called "titha" (_Coptis teeta_)?  I am 
not sure whether it is an ayurvedic plant or not, but it apparently grows 
in the state of Arunchal Pradesh.  According to a government publication, 
exports of the root and seeds are "virtually banned," so it is likely to  
be a threatened species (although it is not on the CITES list). 
According to a recent Indian magazine article, the tribals of A.P. regard 
it as an "excellent" medicinal herb; but the article gives no clue as to 
what it is used for.  
There is a North American species _Coptis trifolia_ ("goldthread") which 
is has well known medicinal properties. 

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