tyrosine ammonia lyase

Sandy UGG00180 at VM.UOGUELPH.CA
Tue Jan 12 10:54:15 EST 1993

I am quickly becoming a desperate PhD student, hoping to graduate before
the end of the century. If anyone out there is sympathetic to my cause and
has either antibodies or clones for tyrosine ammonia lyase (I am working with
wheat although I am willing to test any system) I would be forever indebted
to you for helping me. Any information on obtaining antibodies or clones
or even some sequence data for making PCR primers would be helpful at this time
. I am studying phenylpropanoid metabolism in virus infected wheat.  If you
have any information or require more details please contact me at:
Sandy Kofalvi              e-mail: ugg00180 at vm.uoguelph.ca
Dept. of Botany            fax:    (519)-767-1991
U. of Guelph
Guelph, ON

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