Seed germination on artificial Med

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: Hi networkers,
: As an immunologist, I am naive in plant biology. I will be pleased to know if there is an artificial medium
: (Gel substrat) specialy created to allow seed's germination ? If such a medium exists, would it be possible
: to send me the composition of it.

Seed germination tests are nornally conducted using moist filter paper.

Seeds that are germinated for individual planting are often 'pricked'
out into 'rock-wool' cubes or similar inert substrates so that the
fragile root hairs on the emerging radicle are not damaged by handling
the germinated seeds directly when they are planted.

When many seeds have to be planted it is common to use a starch-based
'gel' similar in composition to wallpaper paste.  The mixture of paste
and germinated seedlings can then be squeezed gently through a tube to
drill sow a row of plants.  The paste serves to protect the germinating
seeds during the initial stages of development.

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