Looking for a Post Doctarate Position in Biology or related field.

Dinesh Jalisatgi dinesh at pyramid.COM
Thu Jan 14 19:39:55 EST 1993


 I am sorry if this post does not belong to the group. My brother has just

 finished his Ph.D in Organic Chemistry and is interested in coming to any

 of the schools for his Post Doctarate. If anybody knows of any position

 open in his or her department/Uinv, can you please email me the details.

 A brief description of his field of study is as follows :

 Studied cyanoethylation and related reactions, using polyphosphoric acid as

 reagent for the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds such as

 hexahydrobenzoxanthones, hexahydroacridones, substituted

 octahydronaphthopyrones, substituted quinoles and pyranobenzopyrones.

 Also worked on 18 Indian medicinal plant species for their anti-tumour

 activity (P388 lymphocytic leukamia), of which 3 species showed good

 anti-tumour activity at prelimnary stages, and four compunds were isolated

 and the structures were determined on the basis of chemical and spectral


 His school for Masters was Intitute of Science.

 His school for Ph.D was Ruparel College , Bombay University.


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