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>I started tomatoes in 2X2 rockwool cubes.  After two days they
>germinated and I have to start transplanting.  I was going to put them
>into 4X4 cubes, but, do to cost am seeking other alternatives.  Should I
>go straight to slabs?  I don't want to transplant again.  Or should I go
>to the 4X4s and put them on slabs.  Any info. is appreciated.  As well
>as, any results you have had in growing this way. Thanks in advance.
> E-Mail me :  mffowler at

If I were doing it:

Seed each 2x2 Jiffy with 3 or 4 seeds.  When seedlings are well started
and don't look like they will damp off, trim all seedlings but one-per-
cube.  Grow until 6 or more inches tall and spindly (because starter
cubes are packed edge-to-edge).  Then grab plant at base of stem and
rip out of starter cube.  Bury stem in final pot with just the top few
leaves showing.  If there are many leaves, then with bleach-dipped
sissors, trim off 2/3 of each leaf for ease of planting.  If the top
leaves are large, then trim them back also...ESPECIALLY if you can not
shade the transplants for 3 or 4 days.

If planting directly to the ground, make a shallow furrow and lay the
stem in and cover while bending the apex upright.

If carrying plants to a transplant location distant from the greenhouse
where started, rip out and bundle together a few dozen to 50 plants,
roll in newspaper like wrapping fish and secure with a couple of rubber
bands.  At destination, plant out according to the above description:
cut the leaves just before transplanting, not when bundling.

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